Welcome to the official web site of author, Nancy Lorenz!

My book, The Strength of Ballerinas is due out September, 2014.  The cover will be up in a month or two, but in the meantime, I’d like to start talking about my book!

Kendra Sutton dreams of dancing the greatest ballets on earth, dressed in white tulle. She’s a ballerina, ready to jump from ballet student to Apprentice in a famous New York company. Kendra has the best fouette count in the school, and is the leading contender for the program. There are two obstacles to her dream though. One, she has to move away to another state. Why can’t she have a voice in her own life? Her dad tries to be understanding, but Petey, her special needs little brother also needs her full attention. And then there’s Troy, Olympian God of the track team, who’s totally gorgeous, but annoying. Just when all gets back on track, she encounters a second obstacle – a serious illness strikes. It seems as though her perfect world is about to cave in. Can Kendra overcome her personal obstacles and get to the top of the elite New York ballet world despite them?

How about you?  Have you ever wanted to be a ballerina?  Had a goal?  Did you ever have obstacles that got in your way?  Let’s discuss!



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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the official web site of author, Nancy Lorenz!

  1. Rosalind McAllister

    Nancy how wonderful that as I write this you are published. Congratulations. I hope your book does well. I plan on buying a copy and having you autograph it. From one long ago former dancer to another I am proud of you. Well done as you like your heroine Kendra have overcome many obstacles. Love Rozi

    1. Nancy Lorenz Post author

      Rozi, Yes, we all have obstacles, but that is what makes life interesting sometimes. When we overcome them, we really feel the victory. I’ll keep you apprised of all the events leading up to publication! Thanks for all your support!


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